Check into Azul, Check into Paradise

In Bocas del toro, a hidden sweet haven of tranquility exists. Tucked a 30-minute boat ride away from Bocas Town is where you’ll find Azul Paradise. It is also where you can make all your dreams come true at once with a stay at our fabulous over-water bungalows. We didn’t call it “paradise” for nothing.

If news of Bocas del Toro is yet to reach your shores, it is a spellbinding archipelago on the west of Panama with an island to suit every possible craving. Isla Colon is where the bulk of the action happens on Bocas Town. Isla Carenero conversely suits those in search of a little rustic peace and quiet. The Zapatilla islands are the pristine untouched gems you will dream about once you return home. Isla Bastimentos, the largest of the nine islands, attracts those longing for postcard beach views with a bit of rough jungle in the background. Those postcard beach views exist in abundance at Azul Paradise (if you won’t take our word for it, see the music video for “Cold ain’t for me” by Oceans).

Panama Happiest Countries in the World- Azul Your Happy Place

Our Eco-resort is hotly popular with couples and honeymooners for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, Azul is well away from the hustle and bustle of Isla Colon with its healthy roster of nightly parties and salesmen hawking their tours and wares. Secondly, one may unashamedly binge on all the blessings the water brings: fresh seafood caught by our on-site staff, decks stretched out onto the water for night stargazing, as well as water sports galore- pedalos, kayaks and paddle boards, perfect for a party of two. Most importantly, in the evenings, the sky tells a tale of pink romance. The name of our boutique resort means, “blue paradise” in Spanish, yet the views will leave you feeling anything but.

Azul Paradise is the supermodel of Bocas del Toro’s resorts, breathing life into Bastimentos and the indigenous village of Salt Creek- if we don’t say so ourselves. Majority of the staff are born and bred locals from the village, granting you direct access to an indigenous tribe and insight into the Panamanian way of life. An array of tours are also on offer to better connect with your surroundings: fishing with the locals, trips to the sloth islands, Dolphin Bay, the Zapatilla Cays and Bocas Town. Rent a private boat for the day, surf at Kusapín private beach, or devour the produce at a chocolate farm in the jungle.

Azul Paradise grants you access to tranquil vistas, a yoga studio to unwind, extended stretches of private beach, a nearby lake and impeccable service. All our reception staff are perfectly bilingual, and the dining room is a feast for the eyes overlooking the Caribbean Sea, further sweetened by the tantalising cocktail creations whipped up by our ever-creative bartenders.

Panama Happiest Countries in the World- Azul Your Happy Place

If you have long dreamed of staying at a resort with over-water bungalows, make it a wish fulfilled right here at Azul. All our Deluxe bungalow packages include a glass floor for coral reef viewing, private bathrooms, king-size beds, eco-friendly water and electrical sources and of course, Wi-Fi, cause Insta-bragging is practically obligatory when you stay here. There is however one great risk involved with booking a stay at Azul Paradise: you might simply never want to go home. Book the start of your love affair now.

Azul Paradise: Your Happy Place

The first thing that comes to mind when the word “paradise” is uttered? Whispers of powdery white sand, decadently soft to the touch, endless blue bliss and warm winds spring to the fore. Well, prepare to be blown away right here. Paradise is found in Bocas del Toro, the archipelago you are yet to fall in love with, in the country you know too little about.

Azul Paradise is “that” over-the-water bungalow resort in Bocas del Toro (affectionately shortened to ‘Bocas’ by adoring locals). The archipelago sits in the west of Panama, a country that the 2017 Gallup Emotions Report places as the 3rd happiest in the world. This means that Panama struts ahead of 139 nations when ranked based on five elements: purpose, finance, community, social and physical health.

Panama Happiest Countries in the World- Azul Your Happy Place

To know it, is to love it, but Panama is yet to show up on the radar of overwhelmingly stunning Caribbean destinations. Many are unaware that Panama is even in the Caribbean at all. The splendours of Panama are still largely under-investigated due to some widely held wild misconceptions: you aren’t going to get kidnapped by pirates, people don’t all live in mud huts and yes, there is electricity.

If Panama sits at the top of the leader board for happy nations, visiting Bocas del Toro is self-explanatory, as the country’s most popular beach destination. The Bocas lifestyle invites travellers and captivates their hearts en masse. The beauty that lives here is humbling and astounding. What’s not to love about travelling by water from a paradise beach to yet another paradise beach? We could speak radiantly about the brilliance of Bocas for hours on end. The collection of islands has Bocas Town on Isla Colon as its epicentre of activity: bars, restaurants, surf and diving schools, and yet more bars on Main Street. Bocas however, is more than just the main road; there are hidden gems everywhere, the glitteriest being our resort.

Escape & Unplug

Azul Paradise is THE leading hotel in the region and is perfect for those seeking the modest charm of beach life with stunning vistas straight out of Castaway. Get lost in a new reality far from civilisation and the crowds that pour themselves out to devour Isla Colon’s nightlife. The entire world is a lifetime away and all that exists here is bliss. A stint here can be life changing and rejuvenating. Even a short stay guarantees resplendent replenishment. You can really relax and find your happy place off the grid and off the beaten path. It’s a boutique paradise.

Panama Happiest Countries in the World- Azul Your Happy Place

Coming to Azul is about disconnecting in an over-the-water bungalow and unwinding in a preposterously glorious setting, luxuriant and serene. A day in the life at Azul sees ‘Happy as Larry’ guests swanning around, strolling barefoot while breathing in sea salt-tinged air. There are no reasons for a gloomy disposition here. Your only difficulty will be choosing between the real pool and the sea pool. Thinking about what to order from our restaurant will also prove particularly taxing: our award-winning bartender whips up dreamy liquid creations and our chef works his artistry on the fresh delights fetched locally by local fishermen. Azul life is easy on the eyes, a stress-free existence akin to Eden. This is as sublime as life will ever be.

Swap your daily grind for no grind at all. Time at Azul passes dreamily and slowly, and our guests adore it that way. Come nightfall, find yourself moved by the powerful melody of sweet nothing. The ever-presence of man-made sounds (cars honking, growling planes, roaring traffic, screeching conversations) means that we forget to listen to nature’s music and makes pure silence an utterly foreign concept to us. Perhaps it is a jaunt to a country foreign to yours, which may reset that balance for you.


Speaking of balance, one of the amenities at our Eco-resort is a yoga terrace directly overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Let the palm tree shadows caress your face as you lie in a hammock: book, fan or cocktail in hand. There are tours and activities you may book directly with us, if you are capable of peeling yourself away from said hammock, that is. Take surf lessons, rent a boat for the day or consider a day trip to Sloth Island or Dolphin Bay- the names have quite a ring to them, don’t they?

Some places are so indisputably incredible, so devastatingly dazzling that phenomenal effort would be required NOT to be enchanted by them. Azul is one such spot. It is impossible to resist Azul Paradise’s charm, luring you in with promises of alfresco lunches in our Tiki Bar, ample white seashells dotted along every look and corner, feasting on all the fruits of the sea; kayaking, pedalos, paddle boarding AND fresh seafood. Every bungalow has a glass floor for coral reef viewing (just like you dreamed about) and king size beds to recuperate after a hard day’s laze. At our luxury over-the-water-bungalow resort, the ocean is at your fingertips in every sense of the word.

Panama Happiest Countries in the World- Azul Your Happy Place

While it’s true that one person’s idyllic holiday differs immensely from the next person’s, there are some generally accepted notions of what makes a satisfactory tropical resort: recreational activities, plenty of sunbeds, scenic living quarters and staff that actively partake in helping you create memorable experiences. Azul Paradise has all the bells and whistles you will be accustomed to if you have laid your head at any of the world’s fine resorts. Azul Paradise, however, will leave a particularly sweet taste in your mouth, and we’re not just talking about the bar delights you WILL want to sample here. After all, everything tastes better in a private beach bungalow over the water.

Why Us?

Let us ask you this: is there ever a time when you don’t need paradise? Who could resist waking up wondering whether you’re a prop in a living dream as you take the stage at our Picasso masterpiece, praying the happy fantasy never ends. You are cordially invited to come to the happiest place, in one of the happiest places in the world.

The resort speaks for itself and on occasion, our happy customers will speak for us. “I thought all of Bocas del Toro looked like this when I was looking up information on Panama. I thought the whole archipelago was made up of over-the-water cabanas like these but it’s the only place, so I’m really glad I got to stay here”, cooed one guest. Azul Paradise is the crown jewel of Bocas del Toro, adorning every aerial video and “come hither to Panama” guide. Guests come from far and wide to partake in our version of bliss. It also goes without saying that Azul is the perfect setting for romance to flourish. We have been known to throw a decadent wedding soiree or two, and honeymooners flock here in their droves. With a year-round warm climate, Panama is fit to help you celebrate your love and your life whenever you please.

Panama Happiest Countries in the World- Azul Your Happy Place

You will fall deeply and lustfully in love with Azul Paradise and Bocas del Toro. If you are yet to be swayed, then let the swaying palms convince you. Do you dream of coconut-strewn beaches? Come and see them for yourself. SO, why should you choose Panama? Because it is one of earth’s forgotten Edenic paradises. Why should you choose Azul Resort? Because Paradise is our middle name.


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Azul Paradise: Coming to an Island Near You

Panama meets absolutely every requirement for a sunshine holiday with colour bursting through both Pacific and Caribbean corners: lush green jungles, worship-worthy blue water and pristine white sand to garnish that yellow Piña Colada of yours. Azul Paradise Resort is tucked away on the Caribbean Sea in Bocas del Toro’s Bastimentos Island with nurse sharks, crystal waters and silent starry nights keeping us company- but not for long. The Azul eco-system is expanding further than our premier Eco-resort to include another majestic hotel on the main island of Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro’s epicentre.

The Expansion of Azul

Azul Paradise Beach has been the grandest and glitteriest Eco-resort in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro since our sleek doors swung open on Bastimentos three years ago. We have long prided ourselves on being a safe haven for our guests, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Bocas Town and the outside world alike. We are now expanding and moving to the pinnacle of the action on Isla Colon, and bringing our luxurious touch with us. Four acres of beachfront bliss on Bastimentos Island wasn’t enough; now we want our guests to have it all, the best of both worlds.

Azul Paradise Bocas Town will have its grand opening in March 2018 and will be the most decadent hotel the island has ever laid eyes on. Set directly on Bocas Town’s Main Street, this new boutique paradise will see guests at our seven penthouse suites orbit to their rooms via panoramic glass elevator. It’s safe to say we have some elaborate plans up our sleeve.

Azul Paradise Beach, our current resort, houses 10 over-the-water bungalows and four luxury beach home rentals equipped with everything that island life calls for. Our Isla Colon venture will come with equally beautiful furnishings and trimmings. We will also shortly be launching Azul Beach Villas dotted all over Bocas Town. If you need a delightful place to lay your weary head, we have one with your name on it. You are hereby beckoned to grab your flip-flops, selfie sticks and someone who loves paradise as much as you do, and come join us in Bocas.

New Hotel Bocas del Toro - Azul Paradise Resort Comes to Isla Colon

With our impending descent onto Isla Colon, paradise now sweeps across two islands. A brief stroll out of your Azul Paradise Beach cabana will reveal resting sloths hanging loose. One footstep out of our new hotel on Isla Colon will offer you all the adventure Bocas Town has to offer, as we are smack on the main street with restaurants, shops and nightlife galore. Both ventures are two sides of the same coin; providing jobs for locals, dreamy vistas and a stunning introduction to Panamanian life. The high-octane service level our guests have come to expect from Azul on Bastimentos will travel along with us to our new island. When you see the Azul sun logo, you know you have access to the ever-friendly Azul staff to fulfil your every request at any one of our properties. The Azul guest bracelet opens the door to a smorgasbord of incredible opportunities for passing visitors in Bocas.

A New Meaning to Island Hopping

Bocas is a tranquil wonderland made up of nine islands within kissing distance of each other. The primary means to get around in Bocas is by water taxi, how exquisite? The beauty of Bocas del Toro truly calls for a reality check and the archipelago certainly has its fair share of photogenic spots. The region is blessed with tropical beaches to rival your wildest dreams and simply has it all.

Isla Colon is a Caribbean playground where you can surf all day (Bluff Beach & Paunch Beach are renowned breaks) and party all night. On Bastimentos, life conversely unfolds in slow motion. Our over-the-water-bungalow resort in Bastimentos is a postcard-inspired dream; the tilting coconut trees are the proof.

With the Azul brand spreading its reach, now is the perfect time to explore the length and breadth of the archipelago. Our expansion prepares for the imminent ascent of Panama as one of the Caribbean’s most sought-after destinations. A visit to Panama means guaranteed warmth through the weather and the people you will find here. It ultimately matters little which island you choose, as long as you allow us to be the ones to care for your stay.

Why Azul?

There are surplus reasons to join the Azul family: a commitment to serving the local community, fantastic service, world-class cuisine by our esteemed chefs, cosy coastal properties and the ability to experience the best of both worlds that Bocas del Toro has to offer- just to name a few.

Many familiar faces sit among our guests: Azul will conspire to make you return and you’ll be glad you did. This time, you’ll have yet another exquisite venue to add to your wish list. We can’t wait to welcome you to our multi-island paradise for the first time, or yet again. After all, what’s better than living the charmed life on an island? Two islands, that’s what.

New Hotel Bocas del Toro - Azul Paradise Resort Comes to Isla Colon

Azul Creating Jobs, One Local at a Time

The first thing you’ll notice upon arrival at our resort on Bastimentos Island, is how ethereally stunning our location is, obviously. The second thing that will be immediately apparent is that our workforce is predominantly made up of locals from the nearby village of Salt Creek.

The impact Azul has on the island is a thoroughly positive one. Our philosophy dictates that there must be up to 26 resort jobs for the Ngobe people of Panama and more for private contractors. Our planned expansion to the island of Colon in 2018 will also add a further 20 jobs. We want the islands to remain as pristine as they were when we initially stepped foot here. Our practices are transparent and kind to the community as well as the environment- we are after all an Eco-resort.

The beauty and growth potential of Panama and the Bocas del Toro region is what urged us to invest in this ambitious project three years ago. Successful completion would have been near impossible without local residents lending their knowledge and assistance. Our very first employee was a local fisherman who joined us as a boat captain- he still works with us till today. Our gorgeous over-the-water bungalows were built by local craftsmen and 90% of our staff come from the 600-strong Salt Creek Indian village.

Normally during vacations abroad you’re lucky to interact with (or even clap eyes on) local people, particularly at resorts. At Azul, the local people ARE the resort. They work with us, for us, and live right around the corner. Ours is not a case of a foreign brand sweeping in and overtaking a given region, Azul IS Bastimentos. The community IS Azul. We work together and are united in our celebration of Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro and Panama.

A visit to Azul Paradise is all it takes to understand Panama’s warmth; not solely where climate is concerned, but also it’s people. Our staff make you feel at home in their home. You know that you are only an ask away from your heart’s desire. They demonstrate an utterly willing attitude to commemorate whatever brought you to us: your honeymoon, wedding or sorely needed relaxation and requiescence. Our local staff are eager to introduce others to their little slice of paradise, their customs and their culture and hanker to know the ins and outs of yours.

Azul Paradise - The Bocas Resort Creating Local Jobs

The menu at Azul includes tours to enjoy the lush local area; fishing trips, secluded beaching on the Zapatilla islands, snorkelling at Coray Cay and Bottlenose Dolphin watching at the appropriately named Dolphin Bay. These tours are organised by local staff. We also organise day trips to Salt Creek and Kusapín villages for you to be able to acquaint yourself with monkeys and sloths in the trees, and the residents’ warm smiles on dry land.

At Azul Paradise, time has seemingly stopped still. Here, you may catch a glimpse of a local fisherman feeding the remnants of his daily haul to the nurse sharks in our front yard: the sea. It is a blessing to be able to call this paradise home. Azul Resort is a breath-taking site that is exceptionally kind to the eyes and ears; existence is covered in the music of the waves and sunsets are golden.

Azul meets the gold standard on how to empower a local community. Our Azul mission can be viewed as a humanitarian one. We seek not to pillage the land, but to utilise its fertility to re-invest in its beauty and prolonged existence. We wish for the local communities to grow and flourish with and through us. Your decadent island escape is directly supporting a community and ensuring the future of its children. The much- needed stimulation to the local economy encourages the self-sufficiency of its inhabitants. Your next holiday may have a bigger impact than you know.

Our mantra has always been to stand as an economic resource for the people in our surrounding area. Prior to our arrival, there was limited development and very few work opportunities for the residents of Salt Creek. We are happy to say that our resort has helped to breathe life into this side of Bastimentos and continues to do so till today. As we grow, so too does the prosperity of Bastimentos’ residents with more jobs available to them. We are committed to training people in the local community to be able to take on a wider range of jobs and careers beyond our company.

Your once in a lifetime trip to Azul Resort may be extravagant, but you can leave with your conscious as clear as our stunning blue waters.

Azul Paradise Giveaway

Win a trip of a lifetime to one of the hidden gems of the world. Unfolding in the majestic waters of the Caribbean, this new off-the-grid resort highlighting 10 over-the-water bungalows is located on white-sand beaches in the province of Bocas del Toro. Tucked away on a secluded part of the island is an experience you will never forget. Our 3- day trip to Bocas del Toro, Panama will take your breath away, from eating some of the most incredible food from the finest chefs in the Caribbean to exploring the Zapatilla Islands. This experience is sure to feed your adventure craving travel desires.

Each of the bungalows  features a private outdoor shower, an outdoor living area with sofa, sunken lounge over the water, and a ladder leading from the sundeck straight into the waters of the Caribbean. The cool and comfortable interiors boast a king sized bed, with a private bathroom and walk in shower. You can fully encompass the suite’s ‘over-the-water’ setting with glass floors that allows you to view the marine life below.

The secluded part of island, the setting for this stunning resort, is located 30 minutes on a breathtaking boat ride from the busy Caribbean crowd of Bocas Town. The resort features an authentic Panamanian tiki bar with beachfront grill, large Club House with lounge area, private bar, and restaurant.

Occasionally you will see a boat stop for lunch and enjoy the tiki bar facilities. Days like that you will enjoy meeting people from all over the world.

Our environment is tropical, our philosophy is eco friendly. The Resort operates a state of the art solar system to generate power, purified catchment systems for water, and full time jobs to local natives. Please remember that eco friendly and off-the-grid are completely different.  We only have basic amenities and the magic of this place is the natural environment.


Day 1: Arrival, Upon your arrival our captain will be waiting for you with a private boat to our resort. Set you bags in your overwater bungalow, throw on your swimsuit and jump right off your dock into the beautiful turquoise waters of the caribbean. Swim on up to the beach and grab a drink or a bite to eat at our tiki bar. Explore the beaches, relax, or go for a float on the water if you desire. Then catch a beautiful caribbean sunset from the beach or bungalow and head to our club house for a caribbean dinner of a lifetime!

Day 2: If you’re an early riser, the sunrises from the bungalow are dreamy. Walk down the dock to our club, enjoy some panamanian coffee, fresh fruit and order one of our tasty breakfast items! If your swimsuit isn’t on yet, throw it on, grab your camera and some sunscreen and prepare for an island adventure to the Zapatillas! Your captain will prepare a cooler with drinks and lunch and introduce you to a day of tranquility where the white sand stretches for as far as one can see. These islands are one of Bocas del Toros number one tourist destinations, and being that our resort is so close we can get there early to enjoy the beauty without the rush of the Caribbean tourist crowd. This beach is a nature reserve for sea turtle breeding. Enjoy the beauty then come back, relax, enjoy the sunset and another evening in paradise!

Day 3: Today’s you day to chose your adventure, relax on the beach, go for a snorkel, kayak, paddle board, paddle boat, beach walk, explore the salt creek village, or whatever adventure you desire!

Day 4: Departure day!  3 nights not enough? Add more days onto your trip!!***

Included in this give away:

  • 3 nights in a private over-the-water Caribbean View bungalow with ocean views and glass floor for coral reef viewing, private bathroom, luxury king size beds, free wi-fi and eco-friendly electrical and water sources for you and a friend!
  • Transportation to Azul Paradise beaches on scheduled boat transport from our dock in Bocas Town only.
  • Semi-inclusive meal plan with 3 meals per day and drinks (alcohol not included)
  • Kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, club house access, and tiki bar/restaurant amenities.
  • 1 Full Day private boat tour to Zapatilla Island

Not Included:

  • All flights to Bocas del Toro, Panama.
  • Additional nights beyond the 3 giveaway nights (upgrades are available)
  • Alcohol (can purchase separately)
  • Additional Tours and adventures (can be purchased separately)

***itinerary is subject to weather

The Zapatilla Islands

The beauty of Cayos Zapatilla is showcased before you even step foot on the uninhabited islands. Sailing towards the islands, located east of Bastimentos, is like staring at a postcard. A vision so scenic it has only ever existed in your dreams. As you near closer, the serenity of the islands becomes clearer. With usually only a few souls in sight, this slice of paradise is yours to enjoy. 

Turquoise water, white sand beaches, palm trees and jungle. The Zapatilla Islands are a perfect depiction of the Caribbean. The small size of the islands gives visitors the opportunity to explore their entirety, whilst experiencing each element of natural beauty.  

There are adventures to be had above and below the crystal clear water. Vibrant coral reef formations and an abundance of marine life create the perfect playground for avid snorkelers and divers. If land is preferred, soak up the sun on the beaches, or take a hike through the jungle. The Zapatillas have something for everyone. 

If escaping the stresses of everyday life at Azul Paradise has captured your heart, take the serenity of your vacation one step further by visiting the completely undeveloped Zapatilla Islands. They’re a truly outstanding part of the Archipelago of islands that make up Bocas Del Toro.

The Philanthropy of Azul Paradise

Azul Paradise Philanthropy 

From its conception, the philosophy of Azul Paradise has been to provide an economic resource to the local village of Salt Creek and the surrounding communities on the Panamanian island of Bastimentos.

Azul Paradise’s first employee was a local fisherman who was hired as the boat captain and has continued to be a valued member of the Azul Paradise family. Skilled Panamanian craftsmen were contracted to build the beautiful exotic retreat you see today. Currently, over 90% of the staff at Azul Paradise are members of the Salt Creek village and surrounding communities. Azul Paradise would not be the treasure of the Caribbean without the experience and knowledge provided by the local residents.

Azul Paradise has a humanitarian mission on their little island: to provide a source of jobs and economic development to a region that previously had limited opportunities in these areas.

The guests of our exotic getaway are encouraged to take advantage of the daily eco-tours that begin in the jungle-village of Salt Creek. These tours are organized by the municipality of Salt Creek and are led by a member of the village. Profits from the tours are used for betterment-projects for the people of Salt Creek. Azul Paradise’s guests are able to shop in the village for one-of-a-kind artisan treasures, homemade coconut bread, and experience a trip back in time when life’s pleasures were simple.

We at Azul Paradise invite you to join us in our mission to stimulate the local economy of the Island of Bastimentos. You can help the community become self-sufficient by spending your next vacation with us, exploring this hidden Caribbean paradise.

The best-kept secret in the Caribbean is no longer a secret!

Simply Paradise

Unfolding in the majestic waters of the Caribbean, are 4 beautiful beach home rentals and 10 over-the-water villas. Boasting the most beautiful beach in Bocas del Toro, Azul Paradise offers its guests a private island setting, whilst giving its visitors unlimited options right outside their front door. The resort is set on 4 acres of beachfront property and is a world away from the party crowds and city buzz; meaning nights are quiet and tranquil. 

The resort offers luxury Beach Home rentals on the same property, sleeping 4-10 each, making it an unrivalled vacation for couples, couples traveling together, or families looking to relax and escape to an exotic paradise. The over-the-water villas offer full amenities and are a great choice for outdoorsy couples looking to celebrate a honeymoon or anniversary.

The environment is tropical, and the philosophy is eco-friendly. The resort operates on a state of the art solar system for power, and purified catchment systems to provide water. The amenities are a challenge and you may be asked to conserve during your stay. The resort has the latest in solar technology, back up generators, a vast water supply, and air-conditioning for the Deluxe Units. Options are available for daily maid service upon request, however we do ask when you stay with us that you are as eco-friendly as possible and enjoy emerging yourself in the Panamanian culture.

This resort is beautifully furnished and offers Wi-Fi Internet access (most of the time) to stay connected to the outside world at your own convenience. There is a television on the main floor with access to Apple TV or Movies. However, living on an island means there are times when the Internet goes down and these amenities are unavailable. We encourage our guests to spend time talking with each other and enjoying the beauty of the nature that surrounds them.

Azul Paradise is located on the leeward side of the island. Normally we do not have waves, but the tidal change means the environment looks different from day to day. We are situated on one of the cleanest beaches in Bocas del Toro, as well as one of the safest swimming beaches. There are kayaks and paddleboards available, boat excursions, a private clubhouse with a restaurant, and an authentic tiki bar and restaurant. When arriving in Bocas Del Toro your private boat captain will meet you and navigate you thorough some of the most pristine aqua blue waters to your personal paradise.

If you need a break from the Caribbean crowd, and want to wake up to stunning views of the sun rising above the ocean, this is the place for you. Remember this is the “rainforest” and although we love our sunny skies, it’s the rain that keeps this place looking like paradise.

Each day offers a new adventure right outside your front door. The reefs surrounding this paradise display all the underwater beauty of the Archipelago of islands, and you can kayak right to them. There are monkeys in the trees, and resting sloths hanging in the jungles. The bugs here are a food source for the exotic birds and are all part of the flourishing eco-system. If you are afraid of bugs and other insects we might not be the choice for you.

Activities available to our guests include surfing lessons, body boarding, deep-sea fishing, diving, and snorkelling, cave tours, jungle treks and private island excursions. Sign up at the Azul Paradise Club House for daily tours visiting Dolphin Bay, Sloth Island, chocolate farms and turtle sanctuaries on the famous Zapatilla Islands.

This will truly be a vacation you cannot find anywhere else in the Bocas area. 

We require a minimum 3-night stay. Low season is the end of June – August 5th, during which we offer a discounted rate. We also offer a discounted rate for those groups wishing to rent more then 2 beach homes. 

The primitive nature of the beach is truly magic. Your stay at Azul Paradise will be an amazing escape that will allow you to submerge yourself in a culturally thriving, jungle environment. 

What Does Staying at Azul Paradise Really Mean?

Prepare to experience a world caught in time- the luxury of pristine beaches, sunny skies and salty air. The magic of this place goes beyond the beauty of its location. Azul Paradise is striving to give the people of the island opportunities for themselves and their children. With your help, Azul Paradise has been able to create over 40 jobs for the local community. Come and experience their island! You will be glad you did.

What does staying at Azul Paradise really mean? It means: children do not go to school hungry, they are given an opportunity to go onto higher education, solar power is installed into once dark homes, mattresses are purchased for those with no beds.

This business was built on the philanthropy of trying to create a better life for the local people. Maybe you will find imperfections in their service; maybe you will find their services reign supreme among their culture. It is a challenge each and every day, but it is also a challenge that will change a generation.

When you visit us please consider you are coming to a remote island in the middle of the Caribbean tucked into the jungles. The atmosphere is laid back, the people are kind, and even on rainy days there are still beach treasures to be found. There are bugs in the air and fish in the sea. If you are looking for the western world on a remote island, you will not find it here.