Explore the Islands

Discover the beauty of Bocas del Toro, Panama, where lush tropical rainforests meet some of the country’s most beloved beaches. Fun Fact: Bocas del Toro, translated as “mouths of the bull,” is a province in Panama encompassing an area of 4,643.9 square kilometers, including the mainland and nine primary islands. Allow us to be your […]

Snorkeling & Diving

Grab some snorkeling gear, jump into the warm water and enter an electric-colored world beneath the water’s surface. The Caribbean waters surrounding Bocas del Toro are alive with bright coral reefs. At Coral Cay, it is said that the wonderful colors look like someone painted the seafloor. This part of the Archipelago is a protected […]

Beaches & Adventure

When it comes to the ultimate honeymoon or vacation experience that seamlessly blends breathtaking beaches and thrilling adventures, Azul Paradise in Bocas del Toro, Panama, offers an unparalleled escape. Picture waking up in an overwater bungalow, perched above crystal-clear waters with your private stretch of beach at your doorstep. This is Azul Paradise, where paradise […]

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Why You Should Come to Panama Right Now

If you asked someone, “when should I go to Panama?” a perfectly acceptable answer would be “anytime”. The sun always shines, the palms always sway, and there is always beautiful music escaping out of some corner. 2020 has been a bit different and like most countries, Panama closed its borders and all international commercial flights […]

Itchy Feet? Why Not Retreat to Azul Paradise in Panama?

The benefits of outdoor yoga are well-publicized. Besides the invigorative power of Vitamin D, spending time outdoors helps reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, awakens our senses, and allows us to connect with nature. Outdoor yoga practice is essentially a no brainer. At Azul Paradise, we have an outdoor yoga deck overlooking the mighty […]

11 Panama Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Whether you’re daydreaming about your first visit, or reminiscing about wonderful times spent here, these 11 paradisiacal Instagram accounts will provide all the inspiration you need to fall (hard) for the Isthmus of Panama. 11. VisitPanama @VisitPanama is the official Instagram account of the Panamanian Tourism Authority (ATP), so if you’d like to know where to […]

Nightlife in Bocas del Toro

Check out our Youtube channel to watch the best combination of nightlife and island hopping. Azul is the best of two worlds; two Islands, twice the magic. Relax on the private beaches at our off the grid resort of over-the-water Bungalows then enjoy your time on the main island of shops, ATVs, Island trails and […]

Gorgeous Overwater Bungalow Resort

Overwater bungalows just a two-hour flight from the U.S.? Honeymooners, get planning! It’s more than romantic, Azul Paradise is a hotel and resorts on 2 Islands. Together these properties create an island connection for the perfect submersion of diverse culture. Azul Paradise offers All-inclusive resort packages, you can expect all the romantic perks: outdoor showers, over […]

Hello Paradise!

Don’t take our word for it. Let our guests tell you how much they love Azul Paradise Azul Paradise is exactly as the name suggests; a paradise. The multi-island experience gave us the opportunity to discover 2 very different, yet equally awesome, getaways. Azul Paradise on Isla Bastimentos is made for people wanting to detach […]