Starfish Beach & Bird Island

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Not all stars belong to the sky, but the beauties at this Starfish Beach sure do look like they’ve been sent from heaven!

Enjoy a day wading in the crystal clear waters, playing beach volleyball and sipping on freshly mixed drinks form a local Tiki. As the name suggests, Starfish beach is home to a gorgeous species of yellow and orange colored starfish. If you’re looking to take a break from the waves and simply relax in the sunshine, this beach is the spot for you!

Starfish Beach is situated on the opposite side of Isla Colon, and is only a short boat ride away.

Once you’ve soaked up the goodness of another white sand beach, it’s time to check out another incredible site- Bird Island.

Bird Island radiates with beauty. Why is different to any other island in the Archipelago? It’s completely untouched by humans. The only inhabitants of this island are breeding birds. Take a dip in the water, snorkel around the island or capture its beauty from the boat.



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