Best Months to Visit

Cold Ain’t for me official Music Video was shot in Bocas del Toro at Azul Paradise. Imagine this experience for yourself. This video is a mix of our surf season and dry season. The perfect place all year round.

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The best time to visit Panama

There is always something worth seeing, doing or tasting in Panama all year round.

Though it’s always warm, Panama has two seasons, but the weather shifts in phases every year with no guarantee. The Caribbean side in Bocas del Toro is different weather than the Pacific Side of Panama. The Green Season also knows as our surf season is broken up a bit. December – January is when you see all the professional surfers catching the first flight to Bocas to surf our world-class waves. February is still a bit of a swell but through the month it’s turning into the season of flat seas … by the time March hits we are usually flat as a lake and back to sunshine all day. 🏝☀️ Each year varies with no guarantee, but we usually plan for March through the end of June to be filled with sunshine and light rains. Once July – August hits we prepare for surf season again and find ourselves outside learning to ride the waves.

September & October until mid-November ( we wait for this season all year long ) This weather is Instagram worthy. The marine life is out, baby dolphins are being born, you can see Whalesharks!! Baby turtles are hatching. This time in Panamá is a true paradise. If you can visit us in September or October until the middle of November you will not be disappointed.

In our opinion, there is never a bad time to visit Panama.

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Still wonderful in our rainy season too
Chasing Sunsets all year round in our never-ending summer

The Best of two worlds. Two Islands, Twice the Experience. Relax on the private beaches in our off the grid resort of over-the-water Bungalows and then share your time on the main island of shops, ATVs, Island trails, and nightlife​.

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