Board the boat straight from the resort dock, and take a trip to our gorgeous, natural aquarium. Enjoy a short ride as the captain zig-zags through mangroves to the infamous Dolphin Bay- home to a semi-permanent population of Bottlenose Dolphins.

The resident dolphins aren’t shy, and love to greet the boats in a playful manner upon arrival. This tour is completely non-invasive, and is simply to view and appreciate this beautiful species!

The calm, black waters host tons of small fish, crustaceans, jelly fish and squid that make the perfect feeding grounds for pods of dolphins. A labyrinth of shallow channels formed by mangroves and hanging coral screens boarder the bay’s Northern entrance. This effect creates a thriving eco-system beneath the water’s surface.

Here dolphins play in the boat’s wake and perform one of nature’s best shows.

Visit our blog to learn more about dolphins and their home in the archipelago of Bocas Del Toro.

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