A quick 30 minute boat ride from Azul Paradise will get you to the main island of Isla Colon in Bocas Town- a colorful, and in all respects 100% Caribbean island. No more than 15 years ago Isla Colon was a town of clapboard houses with a single dirt road. It was marked the best hidden secret in the Caribbean.

Today, Bocas is a relaxed community of locals and expats that strive to create a hospitable atmosphere. If you’re looking for a l1fe of slow pace and pure rustic magic this town will hypnotize you into cancelling all future plans.

Just 9 degrees above the equator, this vibrant paradise will captivate you with its Caribbean vibe, little shops and restaurants set on stilts over the water. The allure of Bocas is simply slowing down, idly wandering the streets and soaking up the Caribbean vibes. Most travellers learn after spending a day or two in Bocas, that it’s nice to be back on the beach for rest and relaxation.

The main street of Bocas town is not located on any beaches, but you can easily rent a bike or take a taxi ride outside of town. Surfing, Scuba diving and ATVing are a must do in Bocas Town. As the sun sets the streets will come alive once more. If music and dance set your soul alight, you must stay and experience the red-hot fire that is – Bocas nightlife.

Please remember that most of the beaches in town are surfing beaches, and you should not go into the water during high tide if you are not experienced and confident in the ocean.



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